What A Mividi!

What is a Mividi? A Mividi is a common stuff. Some kind of story of life and confusion. Something recurrent and shared by you, by me, and by everyone. Mividi is me as much as you.

We all experience inner and outer conflicts in our daily lifes. And sometimes we feel like not being able to cope with them anymore and needing some advice…

Well, that is not a reason to feel ashamed of, and maybe here you can find what you are searching for… Just give a twist to your story by putting a new Mividi in your life!

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What I Do

I mainly do what is known as Counseling. But since Counseling is a profession that allowes an holistic (integral) multidisciplinary approach to the person, I also do Personal Training in various topics such as fitness, nutrition, diversity, gender and culture, zen meditation, or even tarot (as a projective technique), when needed or requested.

You can read more about my APT in-session personal scheme right below.

I Analyze.

I think that is my best skill despite there are people who misjudge analyzing. But people actually mistake analyzing for overthinking. I agree that overthinking may be exhausting. But people who rather analyze as less as possible are usually less aware of everything. They do not know why they say and/or do what they say and/or do. They do just not listen nor see deeply enough. Neither inside nor outside.

Of course it may be painful. But the fact is that long term consequences of not taking some time to analyze conflicts as well as some daily life problems may be even worse. It may trap you in a spiral of being compulsively stumbling over the same stone. That stone that does not let you achieve your goals…

Well, do not get panic. Mividi is here to make you reconsider your options and make your path much easier…

I will analize your demand and assess the situation (data collection about you and your connections). You will see how easing that stage may be by itself.

I Plan.

I will make and suggest a Plan of Action that will be looking ahead to achieving a set of realistic goals from among your personal ones. Because sometimes we miss our common sense and reality comes hit us with no compassion.

I plan, you decide though. That means you must not mistake my benevolence and friendly attitude for my making a decision on your behalf, my dictating your life history, my relieving you of responsability, or my removing all of the obstacles from your path. In fact, my actual intentions point in the opposite direction.

Basically, I will do my best to create a proper atmosphere and have a chat with you that would allow you to clarify yourself and your problems, set yourself free, and find out resources to solve your conflicts. What is more, my main aim will always be to activate both your own drive and responsability.

However, sometimes people do not get along and we might end up not getting a proper rapport. In such a case, that activation might not be possible and Counseling might not be suitable for you. No problem. I would take on my responsability and suggest you other options.

I Train.

What is happiness? Well, there seems to be an agreement that happiness is not a goal itself, but a state of mind, a way for you to live experiences, some kind of emotion. Therefore, it makes sense to think about being happy in spite of conflicts.

On the other hand, a trigger of conflict can be the lack of impulse control or emotional self-regulation. If you suffer from any of those conditions, you may be acquainted with that moment when someone tells you something that unavoidably makes you angry and maybe react in an awkward way. But the truth is that you chose in an unaware way to feel and react like that. Because all of the emotions are unaware choices. And the worst part for our ego is that by feeling and reacting that way we are actually giving up the control of our emotions to the other one.

All of that can be discouraging. But let’s give it a twist. If all of the emotions are decisions we make, why not get our control back by choosing to feel and react in a more adaptative way? It is easier when you get trained.

If at the previous stage my aim was to try to activate you, at this one it is to train you in order for you to be able to help yourself.

Together we will apply a Plan of Action and I will supervise, making corrections when needed, till you progressively achieve your goals, while being happier.

Need Counsel?

Fill in the form with your queries after clicking on the link below. You are welcome to send me your phone number along. I will get back to you in the next 24 hours Monday to Sunday.

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My E-Works & Services

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“ Miguel is a very cool guy! He helped me feel confident and was always clear about the services he offered. Everything was clean and smelled great. I must also say that he is a very nice, intelligent and openminded guy who I was lucky to have a quite interesting chat with. ”

Johnathan, Spain

My Story

My name is Miguel and as you can guess I am the founder of What a Mividi! A qualified and committed person who is currently running a couple of little businesses of their own.

As I say above, we all have a story to tell. My story begins far before my birth, same as yours. Because we all share a common story. But I do not want to get you bored so I am going to try summarizing my main milestones over the last years.

After finishing my studies of Psychology and Philosophy at Complutense University of Madrid, I decided to keep developing my research pathway on a propper PhD programme in Sciences of Religions. Thanks to that, I got some papers published as well as to speak at some international conferences. You can check out those materials on this website. During that lapse, I also became a member of Acis, Myth Criticism Researching Group.

At some point, I moved to London in order to promote Human Rights with CADFA (Camden Abu Dis Friendship Association), a charity that had offered me an awsome opportunity to visit the West Bank in Palestine and get a first hand knowledge about one of the main conflicts in the last two centuries of human history. Indeed, that experience was not the first nor the only time in my life I joined some kind of awareness campaign.

That trip to the West Bank of the Jordan River finished changing my mindset and made me start picking a non vocational skills series in order to be able to provide an excellent service in business of my own that I launched next.

Miguel Vila Dios posa como el Psicólogo Psicoanalista más barato en el centro de Madrid.