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Here is an introductory brief on some of the services I offer at my consultancy. Hope you find it interesting at least! 😉

Servicio especial Nueva Normalidad del Psicólogo Psicoanalista más barato en el centro de Madrid.

New Normality Special

Due to the current world situation, what we considered as our comfort zone has become some kind of sea of isolation and uncertainty, and we may feel like we drifted apart from each other in it. Normally, when we have to adapt to a new environment or situation, we usually negotiate with ourselves in order not to contradict our ethics as we try to fulfill our desires. However, it lately seems that outer demands urge us to run away from the current situation by diving deep into that sea, and we need to sacrifice some of our most fundamental Human Rights in order not to end up getting drowned. Even any help gesture seems useless. Well, maybe it is all just about seeing the situation from a different point of view. Maybe the smallest help gesture turns useful once you realize that you are in a safer position than you thought. As my tagline states, mividive into yourself!

Servicio 2 del Psicólogo Psicoanalista más barato en el centro de Madrid.


Contrary to most opinions, liability on conflicts is shared by all intervenients. That is due to being impossible to figure out which came first, the chicken or the egg. Even at a particular moment misreadings of intention may be difficult to set. When someone tells you something, they are liable for what they say, but you are liable for what you hear. What is more, you are responsible for that sort of entity inside you that is unconsciously telling another story to its counterparty inside your interlocutor. Same as them. But trying to manage what others say or hear is doomed to fail, so the only successful way out of every conflict goes via yourself. That is the reason for Mediation to be able to work by focusing on you. At my consultancy couples are also welcome to take advantage of my experience as a Mediator.

Servicio 3 del Psicólogo Psicoanalista más barato en el centro de Madrid.

Personal Training

I offer my services as a Personal Fitness Trainer at gym, home, outdoors, wherever you feel more motivated. I provide advice on nutrition and natural supps. All together, separately, or combined with psychological advice, meditation, or whatever you need to get balance.

Servicio 4 del Psicólogo Psicoanalista más barato en el centro de Madrid.

Behavioral Prediction

This service is very useful when you aim to identify risk situations for your wellness. Probably you are fed up that people tells you not to prejudge some situations in spite of your previous experiences. I can also tell you not to do so because every experience may be different and get you pleasantly surprised. However, that will come true as long as circumstances are actually different, and it is a fact that circumstances are correlated with each other. It means that you will be able to prevent some situations from happening if you get properly trained in Behavioral Prediction. Indeed, psychotherapists are aware that there is no scientific method to make sure we are right and will not miss another kind of situation. Not even Statistics are able to guarantee so. It is needed to eventually check out our method just in case we need to introduce any changes.

Servicio 5 del Psicólogo Psicoanalista más barato en el centro de Madrid.

Oniric Analysis

For several years I was adding quite knowledges on mythological thinking, symbols and archetypes to my background. Now you can take advantage of them as well as my analyzing in order to give some sense to your oniric images. At the end of the day those images are part of your intimacy so you are the only one who is able to find out their unconscious meaning. I will just provide you with some resources if you let me do so.

Servicio 6 del Psicólogo Psicoanalista más barato en el centro de Madrid.

Projective Tarot

For sure you already know that old card game called Tarot. But have you ever hear that it may be used as a projective technique too? It does not sound that shocking if we consider that projective techniques are a creative method of self-knowledge that allows personal conflicts to come up via identification with certain symbolism. Some worldwide known psychotherapists have made that use of Tarot for a long time. Now you are welcome to meet my 22 Major Arcana and find out more about that new reading of the game.

Servicio 7 del Psicólogo Psicoanalista más barato en el centro de Madrid.

Other Services

As I say on other pages, my services are not addressed to those who are searching to heal from any disorder, but to those who are searching for self-knowledge, self-development and self-actualization. My services are addressed to those who are searching to achieve their goals in life. Definitely, my services are addressed to those who are looking for happiness in any environment: sports, work, family, education, social and personal life. And just in case you were wondering, you can actually ask for any services on someone else's behalf (children, parents, relatives, etc.).