About Miguel Vila Psicoanalista And Consultor De Psicología Y Terapia De Parejas

Story Of Miguel Vila Psicoanalista And Consultor De Psicología Y Terapia De Parejas

As I say on the home page, we all have a story to tell. The story of Miguel Vila, Psicoanalista and Consultor de Psicología y Terapia de Parejas, begins far before my birth, same as yours. Because we all share a common story. But I do not want to get you bored so I am going to try summarizing my main milestones over the last decade.

My name is Miguel and I am the founder of What a Mividi! A qualified and committed person who is currently running a couple of little businesses of their own.

After earning my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and my Master’s in Psychoanalysis and Philosophy of Culture at Complutense University of Madrid, I decided to keep developing my research pathway on a proper PhD programme in Sciences of Religions. Thanks to that, I got some papers published as well as to speak at some international conferences. You can check out those materials on this website. During that lapse, I also became a member of Acis, Myth Criticism Researching Group.

A Experience Of Life

At some point, I moved to London in order to promote Human Rights with CADFA (Camden Abu Dis Friendship Association), a charity that had offered me an awsome opportunity to visit some refugee camps in the West Bank (Palestine) and get a first hand knowledge about one of the main conflicts in the last two centuries of human history. Indeed, that experience was not the first nor the only time in my life I joined some kind of awareness campaign. During that lapse, I had to deal with some politicians such as PMs (Parliament Members) and Ministers both in London and in the West Bank.

That trip to the West Bank of the Jordan River finished changing my mindset and made me start picking a non vocational skills series in order to be able to provide an excellent service in business of my own that I would launch next.

As most of people, I also have hobbies and other interests not linked to my professional life. For example, I like watching movies and series a lot. I like doing workout, travelling, listening to music, animals, museums, and videogames. I also have a «wheel» or EUC (Electric Unicycle) that I love going for a ride with. Would you like to meet it? 😉

Feedback & Reviews

I have helped people from all around the world thanks to my business. Here are some comments made by a sample of them. Hope you find them helpful too to make a good decision. And by good I mean suitable for you. I understand that each person has particular needs and I do not expect every one that visits my website to contact me.

«Miguel is a very cool guy! He helped me feel confident and was always clear about the services he offered. Everything was clean and smelled great. I must also say that he is a very nice, intelligent and openminded guy who I was lucky to have a quite interesting chat with.»


Barcelona, Spain

«Good spot and great value! Miguel was great and made me feel right at home and comfortable.»

«Thanks again for everything and being so easy to get a hold of. I felt very comfortable!»


Red Deer, Canada

«Miguel is amazing! He made sure I felt like I was home. His space itself is spotless, comfortable and very well located -away from the crowds, but literally steps away from the center. Would definitely recommend!»

«Thank you so much! I really enjoyed our conversation!»


New York, USA

What Can Miguel Vila Psicoanalista And Consultor De Psicología Y Terapia De Parejas Does For You?

I mainly do what is known as Counseling. But since Counseling is a profession that allowes an holistic (integral) multidisciplinary approach to the person, I also do Personal Training in various topics such as fitness, nutrition, diversity, gender and culture, zen meditation, or even tarot (as a projective technique), when needed or requested.

You can read more about my APT in-session personal scheme on home page.

I am a Counselor licensed by the Official College of Psychologists of Madrid (Collegiate Number: M-36111) and specialized in Psychoanalysis and Philosophy of Culture (Complutense University of Madrid) and Intercultural Mediation (Personal University – European University of Madrid). I am also a Personal Fitness Trainer certified by ANEF (National Association of Fitness Trainers). In principle, in my consultancy I combine both roles depending on your demand. If increasing or reducing my services turns recommended after a first assessment, I will not do anything without your previous authorisation.

Among languages I speak are Spanish, Galician, English, and some Portuguese, and I deliver my services in any of them.

Apart from that, I think I am a proactive, discreet, sensitive yet not apprehensive, empathetic, and respectful person. But who knows? As an imposture, our ego can be anything and nothing at the same time…

Folleto del Psicólogo Psicoanalista más barato en el centro de Madrid.

Expertise Of Miguel Vila Psicoanalista And Consultor De Psicología Y Terapia De Parejas

Previous to starting my walk as an entrepeneur, I worked as an Assistant Psychologist for Atletico Madrid Football Club. As such one, I was assigned some of the most conflictive cases by being good at making subject’s personal conflicts come up in session, while applying methods of investigation such as projective techniques. I can tell I got parents’ stress levels lower by training them in Cognitive Behavioral Psychology basics and getting them more proficient at dealing with their children. In orden for that, I trained them in Behavioral Psychology basics too. I also got adolescents better at school by training them in study techniques and following up their progress, while encouraging them to reconcile soccer and school. Moreover, I helped parents go through their own relationship problems by making them improve their communication skills and rapport.

After that I worked as a Mediator for a virtual centre in Seville. As such one, I got to identify the factors and causes of conflict by analyzing the main conflicts in social groups. Besides, I diagnosed conflict generating situations while creating projects to solve them. I also created projects to prevent conflicts by designing and developing them. I got to manage Intercultural Mediation programs. And I assessed projects and programs of Mediation.

Expertise Overseas

In addition to that experience, I also took advantage of my knowledges on matter of culture while working for CADFA in London (see above). I was the event manager in charge of leading CADFA Human Rights Day Celebration 2016 at Kentish Town Community Centre to success.

Another relevant experience was when I worked as a Fitness Instructor for Gymnasivx in Madrid. As such one, I got my leadership skills improved and members’ stress levels lower by leading group fitness activities. I also helped members get a general state of wellness by assisting them when needed, while encouraging them to reconcile life style, fitness and daily life.

What Makes Miguel Vila Psicoanalista And Consultor De Psicología Y Terapia De Parejas Different?

Psychology is a profession that aims to facilitate the adquisition of various skills or resources, with which the person can improve or optimize their adaptation to the environment. That is where I get in. I can help you adquire those skills thanks to my APT personal scheme. Since my services are usually demanded by and/or for a person (or a couple), that scheme is personal. Besides, that scheme is suitable for various kinds of environment: sports, work, family, education, social and personal life.

It is important for you to note that I understand that some personal difficulties such as conflicts are not diseases or illnesses, but a part of a normal life. You are a normal person for me and I believe in you and your inner potential to overcome those difficulties. It is in that way that my Counseling differs from Clinical Psychology or even other psychotherapies. You will not be my patient if we decide we can work together. My aim at each stage will not be healing. No more DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) nor labels.

You will be right a person who makes their own decisions over the whole process and my aim will be just to integrally help you as such one in order for you to respectively find self-knowledge, self-development and self-actualization at each stage. We will build a relationship similar to the one between a trainer and a trainee. Just similar though, as it will be far less directive and more complete. That is why I rather mean it as the one between a counselor and a consultant. In that way, you will be able to quit sessions with no risk for your health at any moment.

Need Counsel?

Just contact me. My services are addressed to those who are searching for self-knowledge, self-development and self-actualization, and I am available to help you through different channels: by voice call, video call, chat, Whatsapp, Skype, Zoom, at my own space in the center of Madrid, or wherever you like me to (your home, a coffee shop, a park, wherever).

Still unsure if Counseling is what you are searching for? Just contact me too! Fill in the form with your queries after clicking on the link below. You are welcome to send me your phone number along. I will get back to you in the next 24 hours Monday to Sunday.